Roanoke Tea Party July Meeting This Thursday!

Our monthly meeting will be 6:30pm this Thursday at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood.

rtp trump meme4We will discuss the plan for August’s meeting which will be a Trump/Never Trump forum featuring Donald Trump’s SW VA Chairman/Representative Jack Morgan (formerly the chairman of the 9th Congressional District Republican Committee and a suitable advocate for not supporting Trump.
Bring your ideas and help us craft a meaningful plan for our August Meeting.

We will also discuss the immediate plan for winning the elections/issues we get involved with from now through 2017.
Want to fight the forced acceptance of the pipeline through our area?
Come to the meeting.
Want to fight the wasting of millions of taxpayer dollars and the expansion of local government power and debt?
Come to the meeting.
Want to have a say in local boards and councils?
Come to the meeting!

6:30pm this Thursday, July 7, at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood.

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