Roanoke Tea Party May Meeting Thursday

Tomorrow is our monthly meeting! Holiday Inn Tanglewood – 6:30pm –  Thursday,May 5thThere’s a lot going on. Ted Cruz suspended his campaign, but John Kasich is still in?
Everyone elected in Roanoke City elections yesterday said they support Roanoke being a sanctuary city, hundreds of millions in debt is OK, and Roanoke’s new gun store and training center should not be allowed to do business. Wow.On the good side, almost 500 people showed up to protest all that and write-in Jim Garrett!1656219_10154789390973902_7298183332171807433_n– We have important news in the 6th district congressional primary with Harry Griego and Bob Goodlatte- We have endorsements to vote on- Update on our big project- Botetourt is going off the deep end- Supervisor Jason Peters just took$11,000 from the Roanoke Board’s slush fund to spend on a picnic

Don’t miss this!!

Holiday Inn Tanglewood – 6:30pm – Thursday, May 5th

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