Roanoke Times’ Dan Casey Consults a Dictionary to Attack Roanoke Tea Party

dan_casey roanoke timesAnathema? The Roanoke Times printed this on the front page of the Virginia Section yesterday: “There’s an old metaphorical expression about unflappable optimism. A person who always looks on the bright side of something — such as a felony arrest, or getting bounced from a job, or losing an election — is said to have the ability “to sew a silk purse from a sow’s ear.”

You’ve got to love those folks. Their glass is always half full, even if that’s with battery acid rather than fine wine.

The most recent example comes from the Roanoke Tea Party. Consider statements by its president, Greg Aldridge, in a story by my colleague Alicia Petska on Thursday. It was about incumbent Del. Chris Head’s GOP primary win over tea party-endorsed challenger Harry Griego.

“Harry’s primary was a testament to what a small amount of money and a handful of volunteers who care deeply and are willing to work hard can do when facing Goliath,” Aldridge said. “I think this demonstrates there is a significant tea party presence and popularity in our area.”

Let’s take a pause while you laugh your heads off…

Griego’s loss was “a testament” that demonstrated “significant tea party presence and popularity?” Chris Head is a political “Goliath?” What is Aldridge smoking? In what dimension does he live? Griego was handily beaten  ”  Dan Casey  – Roanoke Times

Let’s examine the facts.

Chris Head out spent Harry Griego $80,000 to $6,000

Chris Head had financial contributions, campaign staff help , and/or support from Delegate Greg Habeeb, Congressman Bob Goodlatte, former 17th District Delegate WIlliam Fralin, and about 70 other PACs, politicians and special interest groups including the Speaker of the House who got the election board to change the rules on absentee voting during the election to get an extra advantage in secret but conveniently told Chris Head about that change.

Harry Griego had only friends, family, a few volunteers…and us.

Chris head barely won by 143 votes.

So, why does Dan Casey & the Roanoke Times want you to believe Chris Head “handily” won when the truth is that almost half the voters last Tuesday voted with us for Harry Griego and against Chris Head and his tax increase?

RTP SealLets be honest. Harry was absolutely fighting Goliath and nearly took him down. The laughing Dan speaks of is the laugh of a nervous establishment that has watched us gain the power and experience to almost topple their tyrannical rule.
The Roanoke Times Calls us an Anathema? You bet we are and we’re proud to be their Anathema. In case they forgot, it is a tradition in Virginia to act as such.
Sic Semper Tyrannis …we’re coming for YOU, tyrants.

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