Supervisor Bedrosian Speaks out on Trump Immigration Order

al bedrosianFebruary 3, 2017
“As an elected official of Roanoke County, I wanted to express my agreement with President Trump and his desire to protect the citizens of the United States with a pause on immigration from nations that may cause us harm.  In addition, my thanks to Congressman Garrett for his outspoken measured and responsible support of this measure.

Would we allow anyone to come into our homes?  Just as it is the responsibility of every homeowner to protect their homes and not just allow anyone to come in, it is also the number one responsibility of our elected officials at the local, state and federal level to protect its citizens and their rights.  Our government has a solemn duty to create the most effective and safe immigration policy that has as its first priority the safety of its citizens while and one that is the most beneficial to American prosperity.

I think it is extremely irresponsible for those that don’t agree with the executive order to say it is a ban on Muslims since more than 40 predominately Muslim nations are not part of this “pause”.  The Trump administration is doing what responsible elected officials should have done long ago, which is to fix an immigration system that is broken.

The brilliance of the “pause on immigration” from these selected foreign nations is that it provides a win-win for the citizens of the United States.  On the one hand if during this period of pause, there continues to be terrorism in the United States or anywhere around the world, the Trump administration can correctly point to this fact as reason for the executive order.  If on the other hand we have a period of peace, well then, we have accomplished our objective by forcing these nations to stop their support of these acts of terrorism.  ”

Al Bedrosian
Roanoke County Supervisor – Hollins District
“It is time for transparent and honest government that protects the rights of its citizens” 

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