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January 6th Protest. January 18th Richmond Rally.

We will be holding a protest rally on Wednesday, January 6 at Senator Jim Webb’s office in SW Roanoke County. The reason for the protest is his vote in support of the Health Care bill in the Senate last week. We would like to show displeasure with Senator Warner as well, but there is not […]

January 6th Protest at Senator Webb’s Office.

We are working to better coordinate our actions with other tea party groups in the state. To that end… On January 6th, Tea Party Groups from as far away as Staunton, Rockbridge and Lynchburg have been working with us to put together one last protest to ensure that Senator Webb and Warner know what we think […]

Raise a Stink

Webb and Warner sold out Virginia by voting for cloture in the dead of the night and hiding behind rhetoric to excuse their cowardly actions. On top of getting to Richmond on January 18 to fight this…we need to continue to make these Senators understand the serious mistake they are makng, both for the nation […]

Action Alert! Contact your Senators NOW!!!!

If you’ve been following the news today, the health care bill in the Senate has reached a critical mass as Harry Reid’s ridiculous health care bill is collapsing under it’s own weight. Please keep calling your Senator, come by your Senator’s office, and make it clear that you want them to vote no! Here’s the […]

Anatomy of the Obamacare Lie.

Recently a prominent, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist from the New York Times wrote a blog on the NYT website describing how an Oregonian man was denied health care and used it as an example of why Obamacare needs to pass. He even began to raise money for the “victim” from his readers. Guess what? It was […]

Climate Gate. More info to defeat Cap and Trade.

Here is a link to a petition sponsored by the Oregon Institute for Science and Mathematics signed by 31,000 scientists. This was seen by the majority of scientists as garbage for a long time. Here is a funny video parody, that illustrates the scam that the Al Gore’s of the world have perpetrated on the […]

111 Reasons to vote NO on Health Care Reform

The House Republican Conference has gone through healthcare bill, H.R. 3962, and compiled a list of all the boards, committees, programs and bureaucracies contained in the bill. The result is staggering and sickening to say the least. Is there a “Heck NO!!!” vote?? Here are the 111 ‘bureaucracies’ contained in ObamaCare: 1. Retiree Reserve Trust […]


Please keep the pressure on our Senators. Click here for info on how to contact them and what to say. We will be organizing one more visit to the Senator’s offices closer to the final vote on Health Care. We now have a new  | Promote Your Page Too and twitter pages. We will be gearing up […]

An open letter to Senators Warner and Webb

The following is a contribution from Donald Koop, in the form of an open letter to Senators Warner and Webb. Re.: Senate bills on health care reform and climate control While this letter is uniquely mine, I’m sure that it shares the thoughts of thousands of Virginians who cannot, or choose not to, partake in […]

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