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Sign up For the State Tea Party Convention TODAY!

The Inaugural Virginia Tea Party Convention will be held on October 8Th and October 9Th. We have 2 buses reserved for the State Tea party Convention. We have lots of room on both. Why should you go? Show the state and the nation we are a force to be reckoned with…  We will be rolling […]

Local Tea Party Meetings, FFVA Website and The Convention!

The Floyd Tea party now has a Facebook page and a Twitter account.  (As does the Roanoke Tea Party)  Pease visit our Facebook pages and leave a comment or “like” it so others can see that you support the Floyd Tea Party and Roanoke Tea Parties The Floyd Tea Party website has had 342 visitors […]

State Tea Party Convention. We Need You There!

Oct 8 and Oct 9th in Richmond….we need supporters there. It will be fun. We’ll have great speakers like Lou Dobbs, Dick Morris, Herman Cain and Ken Cuccinelli. We’ll be rolling out legislative ideas to help drive change in our nation. We are offering a trip for Friday and Saturday and a Saturday only trip […]

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