Tea Party Meeting This Thursday

We are having our monthly meeting as normally planned this Thursday, July 2, 6:30 PM at the Ramada Inn on Franklin Rd as normal.

There is much to talk about as many events have taken place since we were last together.
I plan to share with you whats happening in the 6th Congressional District as the nominating convention approaches and have a presentation to share many things going on that the media may not be showing you or lying about if they are reporting it.
The virus, the masks, the vaccine, the shut downs, the protests, the violence, the statues, and more are the indicators.
We are in a very dangerous time and it is important that you know whats happening, why, and what we can do about it.
It has never been more important to be together and plan.
There is a war being waged against us and I plan for us to win it.
In Liberty,
President Roanoke Tea Party

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