The Roanoke County Board is Lying to you About the Car Sleeping Law.

As usual Martha Hooker, Phil North, George Assaid, Jason Peters and now their new buddy David Radford are lying to you.

Claims by the Roanoke County Board that this doesn’t prevent napping in your car are false.
They are lying to you. The ordnance as worded makes it criminal to sleep in your car for any reason at any time on your own private property.
Here is the law as passed:
“Sec. 13-14. – Automobiles as Sleeping Quarters.

It shall be unlawful and a Class 4 misdemeanor for any person to use an
automobile for sleeping quarters, in place of a residence, hotel or other similar
accommodations, within the County.”
Either they are incompetent or knowingly committing fraud, but either way these horrible SOBs have to go.
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