The Roanoke Tea Party Endorses Harry Griego

Political endorsements at election time are nothing out of the ordinary, unless the endorsement is from the Roanoke Tea Party. In our 6 year history, we have only made two endorsements… until today. Now it’s three.

Harry Griego familyToday, we are honored to endorse a true patriot and dedicated servant to the cause of liberty. The more we know about Harry Griego, the more impressed we are.

Watching his hard work and dedication throughout this campaign has inspired and motivated us to give every effort we can to seeing Harry succeed. It is obvious that Harry wants all of us to succeed and for our community to be united, free and prosperous. We are confident that if given the chance to represent the 17th District he will prove to be the kind of positive influence in Richmond that we have been seeking.

Harry Griego served our country with honor in the military for 23 years and his courage, dedication and strength of character are evident beyond the numerous awards and conduct medals. These qualities are seen every day in everything he does.

His honest and hopeful approach to the issues facing us today is exactly what we need to bring people together in pursuit of the reasonable and effective solutions we so desperately need. In the military, Harry Griego volunteered for the vitally important but dangerous missions. Today the mission is just as vital, if not more so, and in the current political climate perhaps no less dangerous.

We often complain that politics has become so dirty that those who would make the best public servants will not volunteer to serve. Harry Griego chose to take action rather than complain. He has a record of success, not excuses, and he will fight the battle not hide from it. Harry Greigo will lead by example and inspire others to do the same.

If you want to see something truly different in politics, something amazing, then join us in supporting Harry Griego for Delegate in Virginia’s 17th District.


Roanoke Tea Party

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