Voting for the Democrat Against Republican Jason Peters is Best For Roanoke County

It has been a long believed myth in the Democrat, leftist, progressive, and socialist political circles that “the tea party” is a bunch of sycophantic right wing extremists dedicated to Republican dominance. Locally, that lie continues to be spread by notorious leftist-agenda driven mouthpieces such as Dan Casey because the truth doesn’t matter to many people.
No matter how unpopular it is, the truth has always mattered to the Roanoke Tea Party.

In the Vinton race for Roanoke County Supervisor, the county would be better served by Democrat, Benjamin Shepherd. Yes, a tea party is advising you to vote for the Democrat in this race.

We do not make this recommendation lightly or for nefarious reasons. Careful consideration of all the facts and issues has been taken into account.
If you want Conservative Republican principles to be applied to policy making in Roanoke County, Jason Peters has demonstrated with his time in office that he will not provide that. Jason’s politics and his Democrat Challenger’s are nearly identical.

Among other things, both believe in “balancing” the county budget with debt. While that belief may be the same with both candidates, there is one big difference. Benjamin Shepherd is honest about that belief and is completely forthcoming about why he believes that policy is best. Jason Peters lies to us and claims to believe debt reduction is necessary while voting to increase it, just like your swamp dwelling DC Republicans do. That’s not the worst of it. Jason adds insult to injury by leading the Roanoke County Board into a scheme to fraud the voters in this election. Realizing the importance of debt reduction with Roanoke County voters, he and his accomplices on the board postponed the $10,000,000 per year borrowing plan so he could claim he had reduced the debt during both the Republican primary in June and the general election this Tuesday. The problem is that reducing the debt is a lie. In May of this year, Jason voted with the rest of the board (sans Al Bedrosian) to increase the debt by 36,000,000 using a technical trick that has the money not hit the books until after the election.

For all of you who believe the debt has been lowered, you have been frauded. This $36,000,000 vote is public record and takes affect after the election. While the Democrat, Benjamin Shepherd, would likely have voted for that same debt increase, he is adamant that he would not have lied about it.
Honesty matters when the trust of a public official is needed and Jason Peters is not being honest.

Take your pick of local issues, and you will find Jason Shares the Democrat’s position. From pay raises to economic development Jason agrees with Democrat Benjamin Shepherd. While you can’t vote for conservative or Republican principles in this election (as it has no candidate), you can vote for honesty. Voting for Shepherd is a vote for honesty.

After Al Bedrosian’s first year as supervisor, Peters and his accomplices on the board became increasingly tired of an alternate opinion in their meetings and hatched a plan to eliminate dissention. We could never understand why winning almost every vote 4-1 wasn’t good enough for Peters and Co. One would think that victory on every single vote would please them, but evidently it didn’t. Peters’ solution was to find a candidate and challenge Bedrosian to take him off the board. This is further proof that Peters supports democrat policy, but not because he was attempting to eliminate a board member that faithfully supported republican principles. It Is proved by the fact that Peters chose a Democrat voter to run as a Republican. Yes, we checked the record of Phil North and his record shows him voting for Democrats. How is this possible? Aren’t our votes private? Yes they are, but what primary one votes in is on record, so if you vote in Democrat primaries it’s on record. North did and the records show it.
How do you like that Roanoke Republicans? One of “your own” is filling your party with democrats right under your nose and you are falling for it.

Again, we could never figure out why winning every vote 4-1 wasn’t good enough for Jason until General Aldridge had an epiphany. Throughout the last four years, Jason and his group on the board were not only visibly agitated, but lamented to many people Supervisor Bedrosian’s practice of publicizing what they were up to when they wanted their actions to be low key or private. The public would get told about the “unofficial“ back room discussions, what happened in official but secret closed door meetings, and deals that had been struck before the board was sitting in front of us in the public meeting. Bedrosian spent a few years being on the radio for an hour every week where he would talk candidly and without a net about these actions. When Jason decided he wanted something to get less attention (hide his behavior in plain sight), he would move the issue to an early afternoon work session instead of having it on the agenda for the regular evening meeting. When these events happened, Supervisor Bedrosian (who knew what was happening since he was on the board) would go into action to thwart Jason’s attempts to have the board act in secret and talk about it openly.

Why wasn’t 4-1 good enough? General Aldridge believes because that “one”, Al Bedrosian, was an obstacle to Jason and his groups even worse plans to fleece Roanoke County citizens and expand the board members power while enriching their crony friends. Bedrosian was the one person who kept Jason from using closed door meetings to hide the worst of their intended actions because Al would be in those meetings and be the whistle blower. With Supervisor Bedrosian replaced by their handpicked team member, Phil North, they have set themselves up to be able to get away with almost anything. How many closed door meetings and back room deals will happen with no whistleblower in their ranks?

This is why honesty matters. Our only hope is for Benjamin Shepherd to be elected so there is still one supervisor in their way. What can it hurt? We get the same liberal democrat policy whether we vote for Peters or Shepherd. At least with Shepherd you can avoid the impropriety that will surely come from five supervisors all colluding together …and in secret.

In conclusion let’s address the two attacks that will surely come for taking this position. First, what we have said is true Jason did vote as we said. If your criticism of this information is that it is a lie, and you may even believe that in your heart, then you are sadly mistaken. The official records and materials show these things to be 100% accurate.
Second, we are not taking this position over sour grapes from having lost the primary. Yes, because of Jason’s lies, lack of support for conservative and Republican principle, and poor behavior, we supported his Challenger in the Primary. Please understand, we don’t need or desire one of us or our friends to run government. We only care about what government is actually doing. As long as elected officials are directing government to fulfill its proper function and protect the rights of citizens, then even someone like Jason Peters would be fine with us. But it isn’t and he is largely responsible for that and must be replaced.

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