Eric Orange Wins! Roanoke Tea Party Celebrates Thursday.

greg and sheriff orange2

The Roanoke Tea Party scores a big with a win in the Roanoke County Sheriff’s race! Our group was proud to lend a hand on the ground and with fundraising for Sheriff-Elect Orange and it payed off. Eric won by 1168 votes. For 5 years we have wanted to win this office and we could not be […]

Tom Row & Steve Nelson at Tomorrow’s Meeting

tom roe

If you want to win the war, you have to engage in battle. Last week we won a battle in Roanoke County. You can read about the issue HERE. The burning ban based on man-made global warming claims was defeated last Tuesday in the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors by the efforts of many people. […]

Victory is Ours: Burning Ban Defeated!

roanoke county board burn ban

As you might have read, we have been heavily engaged in stopping the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors from further violating the property rights of Roanoke County residents by implementing a ban on outdoor burning based on the false idea that CO2 is a pollutant and is causing global warming. READ ABOUT IT HERE Yesterday […]

Roanoke Tea Party September Meeting this Thursday: 09-03-15


Our September meeting is this Thursday! There is a lot of campaigning and politicking going on. Presidential Primary, Va. General Assembly elections, local elections, the redrawing of our congressional districts, pipeline shenanigans, Planned Parenthood, United Way, gun control…the list goes on. We will discuss all of this as well as take nominations for our upcoming […]

Meeting This Thursday at 6:30pm


This Thursday at 6:30pm is our regular monthly meeting at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood. We will discuss reorganizing our leadership structure, the upcoming local & state elections and have a presentation on the upcoming Roanoke Sheriff’s election. Have you heard about the possible vote to remove John Boehner as speaker of the House of Representatives? […]

Dan Casey Get’s Schooled on Page 7.

dan casey schooled on page 7

A supporter brought this to our attention just now. The following article by Doug Phillips appeared on page 7 of the Roanoke Times today as a response to the hate-filled article Dan Casey wrote just weeks ago attacking us, our friends and our principles. You can read our article about that HERE. The following is […]

Callie Dalton, Berglund, Duncan Hyundai, and Others Sponsor Roanoke Times Attack

duncan berglund callie dalton bob bersch bank of botetourt outdoor power equipment cahoon florist hate speech

Recently the Roanoke Times published an article attacking the Roanoke Tea Party, our leadership, our members and our friends. You can read our response to that attack article HERE. It was just brought to our attention that local businesses sponsored that attack article by having their ads featured on it. Bank of Botetourt, Cahoon’s Florist, Long & Foster Realtor Callie […]

The Roanoke Tea Party Endorses Harry Griego

harry griego

Political endorsements at election time are nothing out of the ordinary, unless the endorsement is from the Roanoke Tea Party. In our 6 year history, we have only made two endorsements… until today. Now it’s three. Today, we are honored to endorse a true patriot and dedicated servant to the cause of liberty. The more […]

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