The Cavalry is not coming...

As President of the Roanoke Tea Party, I get two questions asked of me more then any others.

2nd Place: “How much do you get paid?” Answer. I am a volunteer like every other officer in the group. My wife finds that question particularly funny.

1st Place (By a country mile) “Who are you supporting for President in 2012?”

In the past I have given polite answers to this question, but from now on, I will consider this a teachable moment.

My answer will be a question? “Who is your representative in the House of Delegates and the State Senate and did you know he/she is up for reeelction THIS year?”

We all see the train wreck that is DC politics right now and we keep looking for someone from DC to ride in over the horizon to save us. I have news for you.

John Wayne ain’t coming to save us.

We are going to have to save ourselves and there are 50 entities in the United States that have the Constitutional authority to protect us from the tyranny that is the Federal government.

The states.

Read this article from our friends at the 10th Amendment Center on Rosa Parks. She wasn’t waiting around for someone to fight the oppression she felt everyday. She didn’t expect a new president to somehow right all of the many wrongs she endured.

Rosa Parks was willing to sacrifice. Are we?

She started the fight herself. And eventually the Federal government moved to protect her Constitutional rights, as well as the Constitutional rights of all people of color in the south. The Federal Government did the right thing by stopping the tyranny of Jim Crow laws.

Well now it is up to us to fight this battle against the creeping socialist agenda that is squeezing the very life out of all Americans. And our surest path is to elect courageous state legislators who are willing to uphold the state constitution and ensure our rights. Think that is crazy?

What has been the most effective pushbacks against Obama’s agenda?

  • Arizona’s immigration laws
  • Cuccinelli’s Lawsuit (even though we don’t agree with the method, at least he is fighting back)
  • Texas and other states fighting TSA and EPA regulations
  • Firearms bills in Montana
  • Plus a host of nullification efforts taking off across the nation.

So far the GOP response in DC has been tepid at best. But it is not surprising. Asking the Federal government to self regulate itself is like asking a crack addict to voluntarily kick the habit. The addicitive power of unlimited money and power is the drug that our Federal government officials are addicted to…

What happened when the GOP had control of the White House and both house of Congress? The same stuff we are seeing now, only on a lesser scale.

This is why getting STATE SENATOR John Edwards out of office is so critical and replacing him with the constitutional conservative is so vital.

Tired of Pork? John Edwards of Roanoke is the king of pork in Richmond.

Tired of government flaunting the rule of law? John Edwards of Roanoke lead the successful effort to kill Arizona style immigration laws in VA.

Tired of a lack of ethics? John Edwards of Roanoke voted twice to kill a desperately needed transparency bill in the Senate.

Mad about social issues. If you are conservative, John Edwards of Roanoke has the worst record of any State Senator on family issues.  And unlike the Federal government (who should have no role in any of these issues) the state officials actually has the right  to pass regulations on social issues. No matter what your stance is on these issues, Congressman have less impact on key social issues. Yet you would never know it from the way most people obsess over our Federal races and ignore the critical state issues every year.

But that is good. Let those that acquiesce in the destruction of the republic obsess over the Presidential race.

We need to focus.

Focus on this November 1 and getting John Edwards replaced with a Constitutional Conservative.

Focus on getting other Constitutional Conservatives elected across the state.

And focus on fighting shoulder to shoulder with them this next GA session to lead Virginia in the fight against the Federal Government’s tyranny.

Focus is everything. Let’s have the wisdom to stay focused on the fight right ahead of us NOW. Let others obsess about the presidential race and lets have the wisdom to win NOW!

Chip Tarbutton


Roanoke Tea Party

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