Please reference back to last post for information on events next week and our opportunity to boot the Democrats out of the State Senate. We will also be spending time on ICLEI and host a Roanoke County Board Forum. We will be re-posting the ICLEI  for Doubters article in the next few days. All of the ICLEI information is found here. We will be recording the forum for others to see as well.

Next week will be a big week. But recent news has compelled me to do something I normally don’t do….

Write an open letter to GOP Conservative voter.

Dear Conservative Friend,

Can we talk? Some of you get irritated with the Tea Party crowd. I get that. But we really do agree on most stuff? We both believe in the Constitution right? And fiscal responsibility? And the core principles of natural law laid out in the Declaration of Independence? So I saw this news item and I thought we ought to have a chat. Have you seen that George Allen will be debating Tim Kaine?

You should be outraged at Allen for accepting this debate with Tim Kaine. It is scheduled for December, 6 months before the primary. As I am sure you know the GOP will have a primary to select a Senator to run against Tim Kaine.

You do realize you have 3 other serious candidates running against George Allen?

  • Tim Donner
  • Jamie Radkte
  • EW Jackson (who we have a video of at the top of his article…and the bottom…..this guy is the REAL DEAL…why aren’t you guys FLOCKING to support him??)

The criteria established by the Associated Press are ridiculous and pretty much pre-determine that Kaine and Allen will be the only two participants.

Don’t you think this is a problem?

I would think that Republican officials from across the Commonwealth would be demanding that Allen not participate in this event. Why bother having a primary if you are going to let the mainstream media pick your candidate? This process undermines your entire primary process. Even if you like Allen you ought to be upset that he is sabotaging your party process. It’s not like the GOP isn’t going to make sure he wins (since your leadership loves him)

Republicans at the local level should be demanding that the process not be destroyed. Party leadership should be outraged.

But they likely won’t.

As I said leadership loves him. And he has plenty of money and influential backers.

Have you done your research on George Allen? Just in case you don’t know:

  • During his term as governor, government spending increased more % wise than spending increased under Tim Kaine.
  • During his term in the Senate, he had a hand in creating the budget mess we are in, by voting for budgets that added trillions to the the deficit.
  • Plus he has a little racial scandal hanging around his neck. The macaca thing was ridiculous, but his handling of that situation must have set some kind of record for incompetent media relations.

Why do you like this guy? He may be charming and his dad was a good football coach, but his record is not good. Despite that record your leadership will push him on you and try to sell you on why he is so wonderful and why he is the only one that can win.

How long will you sit by and allow a small group of elite leaders in the party manipulate the system to ensure you get candidates like Allen on the ticket?

Is he really what you want? How much better will he be than Kaine? Probably better, but if you nominate Allen, aren’t you just accepting the abuse you continue to get from your leadership. How many more McCain’s do you have to have foisted on you before you realize that the majority of your party leadership doesn’t share your values.

I love you guys. But you guys need some tough love.

The GOP leadership’s relationship with conservative GOP members is like an abusive husband and an enabling wife. Leadership keeps abusing you, taking your money and foisting candidates like George Allen on you. Most conservatives GOP members can’t like Allen and certainly can’t like what is happening to the process. Yet when push comes to shove, after the fixed primary is over and Allen is inserted on to the ballot for November 2012, most of you will hold your nose and cast a ballot for Allen.

How did it feel holding your nose and voting for McCain in 2008? Want to feel the same way in 2012?

To go back to the abusive relationship analogy, if you meekly accept George Allen as your US Senate candidate, you are exactly like the wife who has been continually abused by her husband and is too afraid of the consequences of standing up and doing the right thing. All the wife is doing, by complying with the abuse, is allowing the same behavior to continue indefinitely. When will the abuse end? When the wife finally says enough is enough and ends the relationship.

Any of the 3 candidates mentioned above would be better than Allen (EW Jackson would absolutely be the best choice of that lot). Board members of the RTP have met with all 3 of these candidates. They are all earnest, solid conservatives. And they don’t have the career baggage that the Democrats will crush Allen with in the 2012 general election (did I mention EW Jackson was the best of that lot?)

And all 3 better represent the values of the majority of Republican voters (did I mention that EW Jackson represents it best) than George Allen.

So are you going to sit back and let your principles be destroyed…or are you going to stand up for yourself?  If your local GOP leadership is going to allow the Allen/Kaine debate to go unchallenged, do they really care about principles?

So my plea to my friends in the GOP is simple.

  • Demand your leadership fight the Allen debate
  • Learn about the other candidates (especially EW Jackson)
  • If your leadership isn’t going to make this stop, you should stop giving your money and time to an organization that doesn’t support your values
  • Instead help the Roanoke Tea Party continue to grow

The relationship isn’t going to change until you make it change. And the Roanoke Tea Party will not support candidates who don’t consistently uphold the principles we all agree on.

You don’t have to be abused anymore. You can join a group who will always fight for your principles. Even when it isn’t politically correct. Even when it is hard. In these desperate times, the time for half-measures and retread politicians is over. Join with us and lets make RINOs an endangered political species.

Our next meeting is October 6. And you can always join on line by clicking here. Or just feel free to donate…

Don’t stay in your abusive relationship anymore. Join us and if we band together our numbers will dwarf our local GOP….and then you will never have a local election again where you have to hold your nose. The decision is in our hands. Choose wisely for the sake of your families and the future of this nation. God bless you and I pray he gives you discernment in these days to see the truth.

Chip Tarbutton

PS….As promised, here is a little more on EW Jackson

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