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Sustainable development is one of those issues that seems harmless on the surface. However Sustainable Development is a code word for Agenda 21, a UN sponsored effort to destroy property rights. There is a lot of information on this page.  Here are the latest posts regarding Agenda 21 and it’s local proxy ICLEI.

And a summary of our first victory with the Roanoke Board of Supervisors.

At the end of this post are some questions these posts beg….

Roanoke is in deep with this problem. We need to move quickly to stop this now.

Here is a basic summary from Donna Holt from Campaign For Liberty. She has really been the leader in bringing this issue to light.

“In 2007, the Virginia legislature passed HB 3202 mandating that localities with a growth rate of 15% or a growth rate of 5% and a population of at least 20,000 are required to designate at least one Urban Development Area in a comprehensive plan by 2011.

Proponents of “sustainable development” are taking advantage of this legislation to implement very strict land use regulations that go far beyond the scope of what is called for. The Commonwealth of Virginia enacted these land use regulations in 2007.

The stated goals of supporters of Agenda 21 are simple…

“Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market.  Private land ownership is also the principle instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth, and therefore, contributes to social injustice…”

These abusive land use restrictions and regulations are nothing more than a ploy to manipulate the citizenry into signing away their property, effectively transferring private property ownership to the government. At best, we become mere leaseholders of our property.”

And it’s not just Democrats who support this initiative. The governor is a supporter of sustainable development. He bragged in his state of the commonwealth address on 1-12-11 “that in this past year, in the middle of this tough economy, we still conserved an additional 51,000 acres of open space. Our challenging goal is to conserve 400,000 acres during this Administration, and towards that end my budget amendments propose $2 million to purchase or support the donation of conservation easements.” Whose property will be taken to reach that 400,000 acre goal?

Please review these links for detailed information on Agenda 21 and how the Federal Government has used regulations, grants and UN backed organizations to push this forward in localities across the nation. This effort is insidious and a huge threat to our property rights and freedom.

Roanoke is actively pursuing this agenda.

Local efforts are driven by the ‘International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) which is an international group that pushes the sustainable development agenda. This is where we got actively involved.

ICLEI is pushing the windpower initiatives in the Roanoke as part of the same bucket of initiatives. Windpower is a huge boondoggle. Click on the links below to see evidence. But it gets to the stated goals of reducing emissions and seizing more land.

Our local government is doing well…according to ICLEI. in moving forward. And the Roanoke Times has praised their efforts to build their credibility.

Of course these efforts aren’t having any significant impact, but ICLEI warns that more drastic steps will have to be taken if we are going to succeed.

Here is Roanoke bragging about their links to ICLEI. We will soon be at the point where implementation of the zoning plans will be the only way to move this forward. Gird your loins to protest anything related to this boondoggle.

We will be actively working to gather more information and bring this issue to light. Educate yourself on this as we will be looking for the right ways to communicate this complex information to ensure the blight that is Agenda 21 is stopped here in the Roanoke Valley.

Does the BOS believe in anthropogenic global warming?

Where is the real science behind the global warming hoax?

What would be the goals of pushing a global ‘man-made’ global warming policy?

If the BOS agrees that there is doubt that global warming is man-made, then why engage with an organization that operates under the assumption that it is?

If man-made global warming theory is based on lies, why does the BOS support the lie?

What are the links between U.N. Agenda 21, the federal government, the state government and down to local government?

Terminology links between Agenda 21 and the Future County Land Use plans.

If the BOS does not believe in ‘man-made’ global warming, then why be involved with a U.N. certified organization that pushes that agenda?

Does the BOS fear a loss of funding if they sever ties with ICLEI?

If the BOS does fear a loss of funding from any federal agency by severing ties with ICLEI, what funding do they fear losing and how would that be detrimental to county residents?

Scandals of the IPCC.

Is there a legal basis for engaging with a non-governmental organization certified by the U.N.?

Specific examples of the detrimental effects of ICLEI/UN policies on private property.

Why are localities withdrawing from ICLEI?

Why is the County Attorney stonewalling on FOIA requests?

Will the BOS order the County Attorney to provide the information requested under the FOIA to County residents under your authority regardless of what the County Attorney thinks the cost to his office will be?

If the BOS can say no to a State mandate, why can’t you say no to a socialist organization with direct ties to the U.N.?

What are the ultimate goals of Agenda 21?

Why is the U.N. using proxy organizations like ICLEI to promote those goals?

Environmentalism is the new communism.

It isn’t yours to give – Davy Crockett story.

Revenues, or taxes collected from County residents aren’t yours to give away under any circumstance – particularly to any organization that is the antithesis of our republican form of government or the principles it is based on.

The erosion of private property rights.

What green house gas is ICLEI or RCCLEAR concerned with? Carbon Dioxide.

Who was instrumental in getting the County involved with ICLEI? A county employee?

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